Track record


  • Assisting Crowdfunding platforms. Drafting documentation, advising with respect to license requirements, negotiating with the Dutch AFM
  • Setting up and restructuring investment funds, for retail investors, institutional investors, and family offices, including application for an AIFMD license
  • Assisting companies and investment institutions with respect to prospectuses for bonds, shares, participations, including the approval process with the Dutch AFM
  • Assisting insurance companies on national and cross border mergers
  • Advising a family office on the impact of the transparency requirements under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and the fourth AML directive
  • Assisting a witness on a parliamentary poll on, inter alia, derivate trading
  • Assisting pension funds on outsourcing of asset management. Advising and negotiating investment management agreements and transition management agreements
  • Advising electronic money institutions and payment service providers on contracts, money flows, supervision and execptions of PSD2 (e.g. for commercial agents)
  • Advising on the application of financial services regulations and asstistance with license applications or exemptions


  • Litigating on various conflicts between parties active on the financial markets
  • Negotioting and arbitrating between financial institutions and their counterparties
  • Executiong class actions on behalf of investors
  • Conducting complaints procedures against auditors
  • Representing a witness at a parliamentary investigation on derivatives trading
  • Litigating and negotiating for parties involved in interest rate swaps and negotiating borrowing conditions with banks.
  • Litigating and conducting settlement negotiations concerning derivative trading by a national housing corporation