Kleis Broekhuizen

Prof. Kleis Broekhuizen is a lawyer and professor.

He has gained extensive experience in financial law in various functions since 1992. As such, he has worked as a lawyer for over fifteen years – lastly as a partner at NautaDutilh –, as a high-level expert at the Dutch Ministry of Finance, as general counsel to the board of directors of pension fund ABP, and as a senior strategic policy advisor to the Dutch Financial Market Authority (‘AFM’).

Subsequently, he became a professor of Law & Regulation of the Financial Markets at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2017. Since 13 April 2022, he combines this function with that of partner and attorney at Keijser Van der Velden.

His expertise encompasses a wide array of financial (supervision) law topics, with a particular focus on capital markets law, complex regulatory issues and financial consumer law.

Kleis works directly for market participants but is also available to aid lawyers of other firms through advice and/or independent legal opinions to boost their litigation, advisory and/or transaction services.

"Financial supervision is an area of law that is becoming more and more complex as a result of the seemingly endless flow of new laws and regulations that enter into force. The importance of financial supervision for our changing world – for example, from a perspective of sustainability, digitalisation and changing views on human behaviour – warrants an astute reflection on the question of what we want to accomplish with all those rules."





  • Capital markets law
  • Complex regulatory issues
  • Financial consumer law


Kleis Broekhuizen
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