Roland van Liessum

At the end of 2022, Roland van Liessum joined Keijser Van der Velden. Roland is a very experienced civil law advisor with a special affinity for pension issues. He has a proven track record in the pension fund domain, both on the pension and asset management side. Roland previously worked for ABP and APG successively.

Until 2005, Roland was an advisor to the social partners within the government and education sectors and the ABP board, where he dealt with the development and feasibility of pension schemes. He advised on pension issues in a broad sense, including outsourcing, task definition, value transfers, liability, duties of care and insurance.

At corporate level, Roland is very experienced in shaping outsourcing relationships between pension funds and pension administration organizations. He is an expert on questions relevant to pension funds with regard to governance, legal entities and company law, AP, AFM and DNB supervision and compliance.







Roland van Liessum
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